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This product promises a One-Plus year warranty for INSS goods on the Amazon. Only INSS customers are qualified. Buyers can get totally 2 years warranty from INSS with this extended warranty.

This warrants to the original purchaser that this product is free from defects in material and workmanship as of the date of purchase and that it will, under normal use and proper care, remain so for extra1 year from the date of purchase ( totally 2 years warranty). Missing or initially defective parts will be replaced free of charge during the period of this limited warranty.If parts are unavailable, comparable replacement of refund will be given. The original dated sales receipt is required for all warranty claims. This warranty does not cover damage which has occurred during transport from the point of purchase to the consumer's home. This warranty does not cover  issues not associated with the manufacture of the product.  

This product is for residential use only. Any and all commercial use of this product voids all warranties, and frees the manufacturer from all liability.

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